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UNLEASHED OW: 7 Day Subscription

UNLEASHED OW: 7 Day Subscription


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  • Custom Aimkey
  • Select firing type
  • Autoshot on/off
  • Select body type > Head, Body, Closest
  •  X / Y Smooth value Adjustment
  • FOV Adjustment
  • Aimbot Distance Selection
  • Flick, Mouselock ON / OF
  • Prediction Aimbot ON / OFF
  • Aimbot⭕ Zoom off and on (scoped)
  • 100% Bone Aim /Aimlock Time delay adjustment
  • Choose different smooth style
  • Target Selection Prioritize Enemy vs / Team
  • Aimbot remove X and Y Value
  •  Aimbot Delay and Style Adjustment
  • Advanced Trigger
  • Select trigger delay, bone, and hitbox


  • Bone / Box ESP
  • ❤Health ESP / DMG Hitbox ESP
  • Character Outline ESP
  • Distance ESP
  • Hero Name Tag
  • Team Hide/ Enable Radar Location on Team
  • Visible Check on Enemy behind walls vs visible sight
  • All ESP colour customization


  • Rader ESP and Enemy ULT tracker and health
  • Skill Assist


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