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RING-1 RUST (INTEL CPU ONLY): 30 Day Subscription

RING-1 RUST (INTEL CPU ONLY): 30 Day Subscription


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  • Highly configurable
  • Visibility checks
  • Smart bone selection (can aim at the nearest visible bone if preferred bone not visible)
  • Humanized smoothing
  • Lock target
  • Only aim with guns
  • Silent aim
  • No spread
  • No recoil (modifier from 0% to 100%)
  • No sway
  • Thick/wide bullet (configurable as a toggle or active key)


  • Highly configurable!
  • Team/friendly check
  • Bones
  • Health
  • Distance
  • Item in hands (see what weapon other players are holding etc.)
  • Item ESP
  • Streamproof


  • Radar > players and animals
  • Spiderman (climb onto bases etc.)
  • Admin flag (to enable commands such as “debugcamera”)
  • No fall damage
  • Always day
  • Silent Farm
  • Auto Collect
  • Instant Heal
  • Auto Pickup weapons


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