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New Critical Hit: 30 Day Subscription

New Critical Hit: 30 Day Subscription


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  • New Smooth Humanized Tracking
  • Advanced Flick Mode
  • Adjust X and Y axis position
  • Change FOV
  • Change X and Y smooth values
  • Change bone values: closest, body, or head
  • Lock target (aimbot, only focus on that 1 enemy while holding aimkey)
  • Custom Aimkey for all heros
  • Custom Aimkey for all heros
  • Lockmouse (flick)


  • 2D Box (larger than previous version, character size)
  • Vise-check
  • Name tag of heros
  • Visible check colour (enemy out of sight no colour, visible enemy orange highlight)
  • Outline ESP


  • Save and load automatically on all Overwatch Heros
  • Genji auto dash under 50 HP
  • All hero auto-melee
  • Tracer Ult prediction
  • Hog hook prediction
  • Doomfist
  • Flickshot works with charging up Right Mouse
  • Animation cancels flickshot/autoshoot with uppercut if in range
  • Zenyatta : auto Orb of Discord on aimlock
  • Auto Rein Shatter block
  • Auto Matrix DVA


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